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Coming Back to Puglia

We all met under the arch of Porta Napoli, about to load up our luggage to head down to the castle for the week. I knew we had returning students but it wasn’t until I actually looked over their faces did I realise how many.

Over half.  A lump formed in my throat that I couldn’t swallow away.

Maybe it’s just a byproduct, that so many return just because we have been at it so long- 15 years next year, our birthday at the castle. Or maybe it’s because we are always adding new classes- food writing, bicycling, wine dedication, wine making, olive oil making, the Jewish Cooking of Southern Italy, etc.

Or maybe it’s not a trend at all but just individual stories.

Tarra and Celine from British Columbia, two friends that return every few years for one of our new classes, this year their 4th. Or Boris and Viktorya from Russia, who return next year for their 3rd time. Or Linda from Oregon on her 4th visit. Or Barbara from England, that insists that we ‘should offer a punch card, free espresso with 8th visit’. Or Michele, who has only missed one year in the last 11.

The only thing better than visiting Puglia for the first time, is returning to see old friends here. We’d love to have you back.

Say ‘ciao’ by responding to this email. We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Veramente c’è qualcosa come Puglia, Lecce e specialmente la scuola da Silvestro e il suo personale magnifico. Vorrei molto ritornare presto

    • Lillias,

      ti aspettiamo l’anno prossimo!

  2. Ciao Silvestro!

    Chris and I have fond memories of our time at your School. We look forward to returning and undertaking your Wine Course. You inspired us to investigate Italian wines and we have done this with gusto! We just love Italian wines and have explored many diverse regions and still exploring as the availability of a wide-range of Italian wines is now a reality in Australia. Perhaps in a year or two we may see you in Puglia.

    Bery best wishes,

    Steven an Chris
    (Chris Munro & Steven Terecik)

    • Steven, Great to hear from you two! Yes, you SHOULD come back to our wine course. Southern Italian wine offers the world, history, culture, tasting ability, geography. It’s like a degree in life, through wine. We’d love to have you!

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