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21 years. students from 59 countries. 13 different classes.
"the pioneers of teaching puglia's food and wine"- the new york times
21 years. students from 59 countries. 13 different classes.
"the pioneers of teaching puglia's food and wine"-the new york times
corsi brevi-short courses

half day courses​

Fish market visit Lunch

Visit a fish market with an expert, learn to cook most fish with only 4 techniques. Learn why our pink wines win more awards. Master the local pasta.


the Med Diet course

Master the local fresh pasta. Build your skills to enter any farmer's market, cook it all without needing a recipe. Learn to taste wine critically.


Friday night wine class

Crash course in the wines of Puglia. Finally master wine-tasting. Then massive southern italian feast to pair with all the wine. Amaro tasting from Lecce's largest private bar.

Classes for fannulloni

'slackers' in italian. Cut for time? Come anyway. Join us around the table for great local food and wine, hear what the students were doing while you were busy slacking. LEARN MORE

corsi lunghi-weeklong courses

week-long courses​

Our Week-long food, wine and culture Course in Lecce

this is the region of puglia's oldest cooking class, the one that started it all. learn to cook healthy local foods, make fresh pasta from scratch and fall in love with world-class wines LEARN MORE

Italian language, Cooking and Wine in Lecce

Italiano /Cucina /Vino course in lecce

Italian language, Cooking and Wine in Lecce
A week dedicated to finally perfecting your Italian, plus cooking and drinking some of the best food and wine in Italy. LEARN MORE

come make the annual sauce!

we set aside a half-day of this week of food and wine to make and bottle the annual tomato sauce. play your active part in the tradition. You will get dirty but the Moretti is ice cold.


local bubbly and sant martino in lecce!

All cultures have autumnal festivals that celebrate the end of the harvests: Here in Puglia, ours lasts a week and we pair the traditional local cooking with local, world-class Champagne-method wines. LEARN MORE

olive you 2: the replanting

go deeper into the world's best food - learn to critically taste and cook with the real gold of Puglia. swoon from the newly pressed oil. One morning, we'll help replant.

The Jewish Cooking of Southern Italy

Jews have been in Italy 1,200 years longer than Yiddish has even been a language. So, why then, is so little known about the cooking of Italian Jews? And what have italian jews been contributing to italian food and wine since antiquity? LEARN MORE

How To Eat And Drink To Be 100

Eat healthy, live longer. learn from two of the world's leading longevity experts, DR MIKE ROZIEN AND DR MICHAEL CRUPAIN. AND THEN APPLY IT RIGHT AWAY IN OUR KITCHENS. live longer, live better, prolong your healthspan, deliciously.


Bici /Cucina / Vino in Lecce

AFTER A FORK, A CHEF'S KNIFE AND A CORKSCREW, WHO KNEW THAT THE BEST TOOL FOR UNDERSTANDING THE FOOD AND WINE HERE IN PUGLIA....WAS A BICYCLE? Learn in the kitchen and then bicycle the coasts and fields were all the ingredients grow.


silvestro silvestori

our owner

Silvestro Silvestori​

Silvestro Silvestori, the owner, founder and director of The Awaiting Table Cookery School, Lecce, Italy has been teaching the food and wine of Puglia and particular- Italy’s Salentine peninsula since 2003. In addition to his knowledge of Pugliese food and culture, Silvestro is a nationally-certified sommelier of wine (AIs), of extra virgin olive oil (FIS), and wine writer for several publications, covering all their Southern Italian food and wine content. He has also appeared on American, Australian, Belgian, British, Chinese, Dutch and Italian television, and Italy’s most respected newspaper called him, ‘A national treasure’, and ‘THE anthropologist of the traditional cuisine of the Salento’ for his work in preservation and promotion of Salentine’s food and wine.

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