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What you’ll Learn

In theory we could demystify Italian wine, the labelling practices and regional/genetic relationships in less than an hour. It usually takes much longer because we drain so many bottles in the process.

What you’ll Learn

Good food puts you in contact with the soil. Great food, with the local soil. Italy is rarely about the recipe, and almost never the technique. It’s more of an approach: how do you make things taste more of themselves?

What you’ll Learn

Northern pasta and Southern pasta are so different that their only common ingredient is the salt in the cooking water. The tools needed are different too. And one pasta is healthy, one isn’t. It’s really a stretch to think of them as the same food. (Ours is the healthy one, and not just because of the lower glycemic index).

Learn about our various cooking courses & cooking classes which we offers. The Awaiting Table Cooking School in Lecce, Italy, is a regional Italian cooking school in Southern Puglia, the most beautiful part of the entire sunny south of Italy. Our cooking classes in Italy offer hands-on cookery lessons designed to both improve your cooking AND allow you to go deeper into the culture than you ever thought possible. Read excerpts from our book. To learn more about Lecce, il Salento or Puglia. Or just send us an email just to say ‘ciao‘, we’d love to hear from you.


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