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Il pesce mediterraneo e il rosato salentino

Visit a fish market with an expert, learn to cook all fish with only 4 techniques, learn to make fresh pasta from scratch, master 8 local dishes, taste three DOC wines and finally understand amari (taste 4).

Where to meet: Under the column of Sant Oronzo in Piazza Sant Oronzo, Lecce’s main square. DO NOT COME TO THE SCHOOL. We go to the market first.

Length of course: From 10:00 to around 15:00

Taught in: English

Cost: 145 Euro per person (View Cooking Class Calendar)

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Look for fishmongers that don’t rely on refrigeration. Better yet, fish mongers in fixed locations but not open every day. It promotes that everything will be great, or gone, but never mediocre.

Shop we like do: look to see what catches your eye versus coming to the market with a set recipe in mind. The first gets you the good stuff, the second leads to sad compromise.

Pink wine is the fastest growing sector, everywhere in the world but don’t mistake that with being trendy. Inside of Italy, the Salento has always been justifiably respected for our pinks, which drink much more like gusty whites rather than wimpy reds.

Mediterranean Fish And Rosato Lunch Course

In the centre of one Italy’s prettiest cities, you’ll enjoy an introduction to the culture, history and viticulture of Southern Puglia. With woven baskets in hand, we’ll stroll through a sculpture garden on the way to a fish market, where you’ll learn how to cook everything on Salvatore’s marble slab.

There, you’ll learn all about Mediterranean fish, and begin to conceive of them as having only 4 really categories, and thus, only 4 essential cooking methods.

We’ll buy at least three different types of fish for lunch. You’ll also pick up enough Italian to order it yourself.

We’ll visit our forager to buy the rest of our ingredients. From the wild greens of Puglia, to vegetables still covered with the morning dew. Ask Alessandro where they were grown and he’ll lean out the market door and point.

We’ll head back to the Lecce school where you’ll learn to master fresh pasta from scratch, have a hands-on lesson on fish cookery and then a chalkboard talk about the history of rosato (rosè) wine in general, and why the rosati of the Salento are so justifiably famous.

You’ll learn to taste critically, to distinguish three different rosati and this will segue into lunch, of an antipasto, primo, secondo, quattro contorni and dolce, all produced with your own hands. All wines have been selected and are taught by our owner, a nationally-certified sommelier (here in Italy).

We’ll have a short talk on history, theory and production of Italiana amari (the bitter after dinner drinks of Italy), followed by a tasting of four from our school’s impressive amaro bar.

We’ll walk you back to Lecce’s main piazza.

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How to book: You can book with an email (and pay the day of the course). And all of this will be spelled out in the email. Or you can pay in advance through our online booking system.

Who thrives: Those who have always felt intimated by buying and cooking fish. Those who would like to learn how to make fresh pasta. Those interested in the ‘why’, of Italian food, rather than just the ‘how’.

Who doesn’t: Those that don’t like to eat or touch fish. Those who don’t like pink wine. This is a fish-based meal. If you’d like an alternative menu come to our evening class (which has no fish).

If you’d like to eat more fish but feel intimated by buying and preparing it, this is the class for you.

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