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We’ve been studying filmmaking! And while there is still so much to learn, these are our first efforts. Consider sharing them if you like them (Copying the page address). Especially if you want to understand more about what we actually teach.
2 Aug

The cooking of Puglia and chicory (la cicoria)

Can architecture affect cuisine ? It did here in Puglia. And cuisine affected architecture in turn. And I’ll prove it in just under 4 minutes. Our 4th film in the series. - Con Salentoweb.Tv Media partner...

2 Aug

Cooking in Italy – Baroque Architecture and la Taieddha

The first of 24 short-subject films on the relationship between art, faith, architecture, art, climate, politics, language and the food and wine of Italy's Salentine peninsula. - Con Salentoweb.Tv Media partner...

2 Aug

Puglia, the new Tuscany?

For the last 13 years journalists have been calling la Puglia 'The New Tuscany'. Are they right? ...

2 Aug


silvestro and emiluccia: true love always!...