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Our Cookery course: Half-day & Full Day

Founded in 2003, The Awaiting Table Cookery School in Lecce, Italy has always been in constant evolution, creating new food and wine courses for our students. And while what we do always comes back to Southern Italian food and wine, some of our courses add other elements as well.

corsi brevi-short courses

half day courses​

Med Fish Lunch

Visit a fish market with an expert, learn to cook all fish with only 4 techniques, learn to make fresh pasta from scratch, master 8 local dishes, taste three DOC wines and finally understand amari (taste 4).

Med Diet Dinner

This course is an investment that could potentially add years to your life. That the food and wine also happen to be delicious makes all of this ground-breaking.

Thursday Canning Course

The new premium all around the world is to make more of your own food. Having your larder filled with beautiful jars that reflect a precise moment of the summer makes our hearts sing more than money in the bank.

Saturday Night Wine Class

Fall in love with the most iconic wines from the Italian south. Then match them to 4 course dinner in a private home. 13 wines ( 3 whites, 3 pinks, 7 reds).