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Our Cookery course: Week Long

Founded in 2003, The Awaiting Table Cookery School in Lecce, Italy has always been in constant evolution, creating new food and wine courses for our students. And while what we do always comes back to Southern Italian food and wine, some of our courses add other elements as well.

corsi lunghi-weeklong classes

week-long courses​

Our Week-long Course in Lecce

Urban, yet intimate and personal, our Lecce school gives you full immersion into the vibrant cultural and culinary capitol of one of the world’s great food and wine regions.

yoga/cucina/vino al castello

Yoga in the baron’s castle in Puglia. Study wine. Learn to make our local pasta from scratch. Ground yourself in our local cuisine.

Our Annual Tomato Festival

What’s more Southern Italian than everyone pitching in to make the annual tomato sauce?

The Celebration of San Martino

All cultures have autumnal festivals that celebrate the end of the harvests: Here in Puglia, ours lasts a week.

Olive You: The Week of Our Extra Virgin

Extra virgin olive oil continues to astound the International medical community, as one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

The Jewish Cooking of Southern Italy

Jews have been in Italy 1,200 years longer than Yiddish has even been a language. So, why then, is so little known about Italian Jews?

How To Eat And Drink To Be 100

There is a way of eating that has been proven to keep you alive longer than any other. You’ll barely remember that though, as you’ll just fall so madly in love with the flavours.

Bici/Cucina/Vino al Castello

Bicycle-based holidays tended to be about logistics- unpacking and repacking only to unpack again-, fumbling for the light switches in unfamiliar hotel rooms, trying to get your bearings, each day, every day, for a week.