About a year and a half ago I was talking with a friend of mine, a doctor who specializes in diet-based longevity. I clearly remember saying the phrase, ‘I want 2020 to be the year that I learn a lot more about medicine and health’. Now a year into a global pandemic, I can’t help feeling that I wasn’t somehow to blame for conjuring up all the problems. Before this year how many of us had heard of RNA? Or the jab? Or knew how clinical trials really worked?

This year, I probably should be more specific.

Aside from the entire world getting the same medicine at the same time, certainly a first in human history, it’s also likely that doctors and nurses will be the first wave of travellers (already vaccinated and probably long overdue for time off). I expect far more of you than average this year. We also have our first course aimed exclusively at physicians, those that want to learn more about preventive health and The Mediterranean Diet (no place does it better than Southern Puglia).

But that leaves us with more questions than it answers. What should the 2021 calendar look like? Certainly more dates later in the year, when more of us can be certain to be vaccinated. It also seems that after all we have been through, many want to return to familiar, embracing places from the past versus places that are new and less predictable. In incoming emails, that seems to be the theme.

We’ll likely have an Italian Channukà course (after 6 months of weekly online courses, our Channukà menù course remains the largest turnout of the year). One of our bicycle courses at the castle is already full. Should we add another one? We have San Martino at the castle (Puglia’s ‘Thanksgiving’) already on the calendar, with 8 already booked. We have our tomato sauce course at the castle in August. What else would you like to see?

If you’d like to come back but don’t want to repeat the same course, drop us a line. We’d like to both create something new with you in mind, but also create a special place for you here (you teach your favourite pasta shape, or give a talk on your favourite aspect of the cuisine, etc. You’ll likely need to work on your chalkboard drawings, as the standards are high).

If you’re thinking of coming this year, write us and we’ll make it special.

Or if you’re interested in our weekly online lessons.

Stay safe. And remember that whatever happens, that you have a kitchen in Italy.

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