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Terronia: The School of Southern Italian Wine

Terronia: La Scuola del Vino Meridionale

Terronia Wine Course of Southern ItalyHow much can you learn in a Southern Italian wine school in a weekend? We’re going to find out. And we’re going to have a lot of fun.

We’ve chosen the 12 most important grape varieties or blends of the entire South of Italy (la Sicilia, la Calabria, Basilicata e la Puglia), based on our years spent travelling Southern Italian wine, teaching it, and writing about the subject for a major wine magazine.

We’ll visit a modern winery, to learn about pruning techniques, the modernisation made possible with stainless steel and why nearly all the plants in the world are really two, one below the ground and the other above.  You’ll learn to taste critically,  how glassware can be seen as the interface with the human head and how Southern Italy is arguable the most compelling wine region in the world today. (Very old and very new, at exactly the same time).

South Italy (la Sicilia, la Calabria, Basilicata e la Puglia) Wine Courses
You’ll learn about how finance has changed wine, how a little-known Calabrian grape was sold as Barolo and Barbaresco for decades and how the wines of Marsala are no longer what you think they are (and now dismantled, some of the most beguiling wines made anywhere in the world today).

You’ll study, learn about and drink some 30 different southern Italian wines, but because wine here in the South is never isolated from the food, all lessons end with meals featuring those same wines with the Southern Italian dishes that go best with them, all prepared by the school’s staff, sprawling the table tops, lovingly family style.

There is no prerequisite for the course. Some have formal wine training but many don’t. All are welcome. Come curious, passionate and thirsty.

An optional written exam is held at the end of the third day. Those that pass it will be awarded the Terronia: The Wine School of Southern Italy diploma.

The Logistics at a Glance.

Where: At the school in Lecce in 2019.

When: Throughout the year, once per season. Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Where you sleep: in Lecce. Recommendations in Student Services.

How much? 1295 Euro.

Taught in: English

Best way to arrive, depart, maximise your time with us: Everything is spelled out in our Student Services. You’ll be given access!

Who thrives here: Those looking to learn about wine, Southern Italy and to understand the Old World’s approach to wine, as a sense of place.

Who doesn’t: Wine snobs, or those that don’t enjoy spending time around those that know less that they do. Those seeking non-Southern Italian wine.