Buy Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Globally, while there are three legally-agreed upon classifications of olive oil- Extra virgin, virgin, lantern oil- it’s actually ‘extra virgin’ that is the most divided.

Extra virgin olive oil is both:

1) the industrial commodity oil made from chemically stripping fat from olives and various seeds using hexane (a chemical from the pentroleum industry), deodorising it in a refinery, before blending it for supermarket sales.

2) small-batch artisanal extra virgin olive oil so high in polyphenols as to be classified as pharmecetials. Like fine wine, these oils are usually made of single varietals, from a specific location, in a specific year.

Anyone that tastes the second never goes back to the first.

Most consumers of olive oil have never tasted the second.

Here is your chance to receive a year’s supply of our three extra virgin olive oils, delivered to your front door.

We’ve been making, selling and shipping it around the world now for the last eight years. Each oil is approved by a sommelier of extra virgin, not only to be free of defects but to be rich in the character of each cultivar.

Try a case. It’s not likely that you’ll ever go back (98% order it again the next year).

Price is 19 Euro per bottle. We recommend 12, which reflects the sweet spot in pricing for international for shipping.

*If you’re interested in coming to Italy to make the real stuff, write us.

The Extra Virgins of Puglia: A Case Study

Each case contains

4 bottles of Peranzana from San Severo, in Northern Puglia. It’s fruity and robust, perfect for Mediterranean vegetables.
4 bottles of Coratina from Minervino Murge, in Northern/ Central Puglia. It’s bitter and burny and perfect for steaks, legumes and winter soups.
4 bottles of Favolosa from the Salento, Southern Puglia. It’s the perfect oil for dressing fish and shellfish, when you want the flavour to heighten versus cover more delicate flavours.

How to use them

Each bottle is a masterclass in extra virgin olive oil and contains 6 QR codes linked to instructions, video and high-quality graphics that straddle the line between food and class.

You’ll want to keep these extra virgin olive oils on the table, as you do salt, rather than in the kitchen, as you do with cooking oil. It’s unlikely that you drink one wine with all foods and with these oils you’ll learn to match the extra virgin to ingredient and dish, the same way you do with wine. (And you’ll likely fall in love with each of these regions and want to visit them on your next trip to Puglia).

How to protect it

High quality extra virgin has three classic enemies: light, heat and oxygen (and to a lesser extent, inappropriate packing, such as rubber, cork and some forms of plastic). We bottle our extra virgin in an opaque package, to eliminate light as an issue. And keeping the resealable cap on is self-explanatory.

Availability in Italy

If you will be in Lecce and you take it with you. It comes as individual bottles or in mini-valigette (carrying cases) of 4 bottles. Even if you don’t elect to take one of our courses, you can still pass by to purchase it. And to say hello (email us first).

International prices

For international shipping, we recommend a minimum of 12 bottles to justify the shipping charges. We don’t set postage prices and we apologies for costs of international shipping. If it were up to us, we’d prefer to send you away with it while here.

Write us for any destination! So far we’ve shipped to 29 different countries!

Packaging and Packing

All our extra virgins arrive in our attractive 500ML metal cans, designed after our chair logo, in the colour of our owner’s antique FIAT 500.

The robust shipping packaging contains individual slots to keep the cans safe.