Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Most consumers have never had great extra virgin olive oil, especially those that buy their oil in supermarkets. Extra virgin, like many other fruits of the earth plummet in quality when they are forced into the square pegs of large scale industrial production and retail.

This is itself is not ‘news’, (google olive oil fraud, supermarket oil, etc.) Your country has likely published many articles on the subject but if you are buying ‘Italian extra virgin olive oil’, in the supermarket, you’re statistically not buying any of the three.

*If you’re interested in coming to Italy to make the real stuff, see below.

We’d love to send you some of our handmade extra virgin olive oil from Puglia!

Calculating the shipping charges are based the country where we send it.

You might consider also enlarging your order as the price starts to come down spread out over 12 bottles. Further, if you are in the US, the FDA adds additional charges.

Send us an email and tell us where you are in the world and we’ll respond right away with the price.

And thank you in advance. Your purchase allows us to survive a very difficult time.

How to use it

You’ll want to keep this oil on the table, as you do salt, rather than in the kitchen, as you do with supermarket oil. Our extra virgin’s pronounced taste is perfect for all Southern Italian flavours. Gourmands would argue that it is too distinctive to use on fish. We do anyway. And we love it.

Don’t cook away the flavour or health benefits. Grill your bread, steak, fish, vegetables, and ONLY THEN apply our extra virgin, just before serving. Dive crusts of good bread into whatever extra virgin remains there on the plate.

How to protect it

High quality extra virgin has three classic enemies: light, heat and air (rubber, cork and some forms of plastic can also affect its state). We bottle our extra virgin in an opaque package, to eliminate light as an issue. We suggest keeping it at the table versus near a flame in the kitchen. And keeping the resealable cap on is self-explanatory.

Availability in Italy

Our extra virgin is 15 Euro a bottle. If you will be in Lecce you can take away as much as you like. It comes as individual bottles or in mini-valigette (carrying cases) of 4 bottles. Even if you don’t elect to take one of our courses, you can still pass by to purchase it. And to say hello.

International prices

For international shipping, we recommend a minimum of 6 bottles to justify the shipping charges. We don’t set postage prices and we apologies for costs of international shipping. If it were up to us, we’d prefer to send you away with it while here.

Write us for any other Location!

Packaging and Packing

All our extra virgin arrives in our attractive 500ML metal can, designed after our chair logo, in the colour of our owner’s antique FIAT 500 (follow the car’s adventures on FB, Emiluccia Silvestori). The shipping packaging is hefty and very safe and we’ve never had a bottle break in the last three years of international shipping.

We are an Italian business and all fees must be paid in Euro. We have never had problems with shipping (no breakage, loss, etc) with the exception of mailing into Australia. If an Australian order comes back to us undelivered, we will refund the price of the oil but not the price of shipping.