With us, you won’t just see the place we love, you’ll cannonball into it – into our traditions, into the kitchen and into Southern Italian life, taking your own place around the generous table.
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Our 15th anniversary Pig Roast in an Italian Castle!


15th Anniversary at the Castle

It’s time to Celebrate!

And here in Italy that almost always means a pig. Or in our case, three of them. And a week dedicated to learning, cooking, eating, drinking and celebrating, all that the pig has to offer.

And it’s not that the week is ONLY about pork. We’ll still make local fresh pasta from scratch nearly every meal, learn about how we make our extra virgin and how to taste it critically. You’ll master Mediterranean vegetable cookery and learn more about the wine of Puglia than you would have thought possible in just a week.

Our partner for the week is Liza Shaw, who has been breaking down pigs and cooking them every which way for her entire career in California and Japan.

Kitchen Castle
You’ll learn to render lard to make tender pastry, to make fresh sausages from scratch,  from meatballs to meatloaves, to even the late night cracklings, coinciding with that one last case of world-class wine.

But in remembrance of those early, hungry days of our school when we first opened 15 years ago, we’ll make double of everything we’ll need and give half of it away to the local elderly, especially those that don’t get out as much as they used to. We’ll fill their stomachs, refrigerators and freezers, keeping your visit sweet in their minds for years to come.  

On Thursday we’ll take ownership of our final pig, deboning it as a class to stuff and make a porchetta, Italy’s most famous whole stuffed pig, which on Friday we’ll roast in the baron’s wood-fired oven, inviting half the town. (‘Someone call the fire department and I think we just ran out of forks’)

If you’d like to learn a lot, have great stories to tell your vegan friends back home,  all while giving back to the community (literally, giving Italian food to Italian people), then this might be the class for you.

If not, maybe we’ll see you ’30ì.

The Logistics at a Glance.

Where: At the Castle, an hour south of Lecce.

When: October 8th-13th, 2018.

Taught in: English.

Where you sleep: at the Castle. 95 € a single / 110 € a double

How much? 1995 Euro.

Best way to arrive, depart, maximise your time with us: Everything is spelled out in our Student Services. You’ll be given access about booking.

Who thrives: Anyone seeking an excuse to learn a lot, while feasting like Norse overlords.

Who doesn’t: Vegetarians. Those that observe Kosher diets. Strict diet observing Muslims. Sour pusses.  Anyone who keeps their VHS copy of Babe on the ‘documentary’ shelf.


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