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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Puglia

How hard was it to set up an ecommerce platform, able to send our Extra Virgin Olive Oil around the world? You wouldn’t believe me if I told you but it was 26 cups of coffee. And weeks of time passed between them.

Everything in Southern Italian happens over Espresso. Want to get an estimate to fix your car? Let’s have coffee. Run for office? Let’s have coffee. Deliver a baby? Well not you, but there is a good chance that when things get serious, you’ll have to alert the doctors, nurses and orderlies, who will likely be at the espresso bar at the time.

And if you want to set up an international system for sending your extra virgin, you’ll be hearing your spoon tinkling the ceramic sides of many, many tiny cups.

There were the thermoses of the stuff that we consumed during the breaks in picking, poured steaming into tiny glasses designed for hard liquor, to be sipped with crumbling homemade cakes that left the napkins transparent. With the cutters when selecting the cardboard boxes at the warehouse. In talks with the closure people, in front of their machine that uses tokens. With Francesco the packaging designer. With the bottle fillers. And then we arrive at the shipping people. I was there a lot.

How hard could it be to send cans of Olive Oil to someone in a foreign country? If they are Australia, perhaps so hard as to be impossible. Into Japan, a train wreck. Into the States, expensive because of the FDA. Some countries insist that the recipient register with the local police. This alone was three cups of coffee.

The only part of the entire process that didn’t require lots of coffee was working with Afzal in India, on setting up the ecommerce part of the site.  My guess is that he was drinking tea at the time. Smart man.

If you’d like us to send you our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, visit our site’s Buy Olive Oil store page. If you’d like to help us make next year’s, Click the olive oil picture on our homepage, or send us an email.

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