Yesterday we posted our 2018 calendar and even while I was hitting the ‘pubblica’ (‘publish’) button, I couldn’t help but feel that we are at the end of an era, the beginning of another. And not just that everything was about to change, but that it already had.

‘Aged and compromised beyond suitable repair’, was what the nice man in India said when he looked at the hidden and knotted entrails of our website. ‘The internet has enjoyed rapid advancement in the last 15 years when you created your site’, he added. ‘Perhaps it is time’. (Our new site, logo, videos and virtually all else go active in the next few weeks). Same address. We’ll announce it here.

‘Your school has a very impressive food and wine library’, said Jinn from Holland. ‘Yet, still- oddly- it remains one book short’, she said. (Our first book goes on sale next month. You’ll hear about that here and on social media as well).

‘But if you never really had a press kit, how did your old press agent get you into so many articles’, asked Antonio, a career reporter turned agent. His lips avoided his teeth all through the news that we never had either and yet have appeared in so many newspapers, magazines and television shows, from all around the world (Jamie Oliver’s people wrote us last week, and Antonio is now our agent).

‘You can’t learn everything on YouTube’, said a national TV channel, trying to solicit business from us. ‘Yeeeeah, but you kinda can’, I said, pointing out that they wrote us initially to see which company had been making our short films. Our little videos are now being rebroadcast on regional television taking the views into the 10’s of thousands for the last few. Emiluccia is now even more famous, and I often mistake that when driving together, that people are actually waving to me.

We’d love to hear from you. There is a lot going on here in the Salento. We’d love for you to play your part in it.

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