Travel Tips and Tricks and What to Expect of the Food and Wine while in Puglia – Free guide to how to travel Puglia

How to travel PugliaI mostly just listen. And mostly the comments aren’t even aimed at me, but for the other students around the table. ‘We just spent four days in x but I don’t think we’d ever go back. A bit too touristy for our tastes’. Or, ‘Had I know that the train would have taken 13 hours and cost 200 euro I don’t think we’d do that again’.

How to travel Puglia - il coniglio

It breaks my heart to hear how many travel Italy. Overpaying in overtouristed cities, seemingly ignoring all the best that the country has to offer. Choosing ‘insalata caprese’ in Milan, in February, because at least it’s known.  Drinking mediocre wines, if only because they are nationally famous, even while visiting world-class wine regions (last summer I saw three bottles of lambrusco in ice buckets on the table of a great restaurant in Locorotondo (one of Southern Italy’s great white wine growing zones). And this by those bothered to take the plane, the boat and the donkey just to get there.

So every few years I write a new travel guide and I send it out as a blog post, a great idea if it weren’t for two problems: few read email anymore, and when they do it’s often only in ‘f’ patterns, skimming down the left margin of everything after the first paragraph.

But, here it is anyway, my guide to Puglia and the Salento. We’re also putting it as a PDF on our site, for free. Forward it onto friends that will be visiting Italy this year (a lot of the insider info is actually true for much of Italy). And if you’re coming to see us, we would LOVE to help you plan your trip. Write us as early as possible. You know, before you book that week in the bad hotel in the bad city. Or even shrug, begrudgingly ordering the lambrusco. 

What follows is our travel guide to Puglia:  Travel Guide to Puglia and the Salento

Please give it away freely.

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