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But more about that in a second. We’ve jumped back into short subject filmmaking once again, after minoring in it at university (my scurrying fingers just stopped on the keyboard, mid-keystroke upon figuring the math on how long ago that was, exactly).  What’s new this time is that everything is digital, with so much to learn, all of it beeping in LCD displays.

Here are two practice films, sketches, really.



My ‘new’ bicycle


And here is where you come in. We’re going to start a series of question and answers, with questions coming from around the world. If you have a short question- about food, wine, culture, about anything from this part of the world, record yourself asking it into your camera or cellphone and send it to us. If we use,  you’ll appear in the little film.

Send them as SMS or through WhatsApp, to 39 3347676970 (the easiest option). As email attachment to info@awaitingtable.com

In the meantime, we’re publishing new films all the time, including 15 second versions with a link to the longer version on Instagram,  Facebook Page,  or even Twitter.

We hope to hear from you. And we promise to make more of the films in English too. It’s not always easy and someone always feels left out, no matter which language we use.

Respond to this to say ‘hello’. We’d love to hear from you.

Watch more on our YouTube channel!

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