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Every year we add a new course: here are the two new courses that you may not about yet.

Our new Bici (Bicycle) / Vino / Cucina course at the castle. Imagine going for a bicycle ride among the olive groves in Southern Italy, only to round a corner to see that the staff has set up tables in the countryside, the water in the makeshift cauldron already coming to a boil for the pasta you made that morning. We’re excited about this one!

And our Olive You. Our course dedicated to learning about extra virgin. We’ll taste, cook, pick and then press, approaching the subject at 360 degrees. It’s one of the most adulterated products on earth but once we know how to choose it, we’ll never be swindled again.

Here is a break down of ALL of courses. 

Even if you can’t make it this year drop a line and tell what you think of the changes to the site. We want it to reflect the region that we love. Let us know what you think.

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