Recently there has a been a lot of literary interest in the food of the Salento, and in Puglia in general: I’ll be publishing two books on the subject in the next two months. And last week a few Australian friends came by to take pictures for their own book as well. Here is video about the event.


Speaking of Australian ties to Puglia, a good friend of the school, Darby Higgs has launched a great magazine on grape diversity in Australian wine. It’s fascinating, even if you don’t live in Australia.

Write me and I can give our readers the free code to enter (in case you’re wondering how cool you are for knowing about the Salento, here is yet more proof).

Enjoy the video. Yes, I know. I put on a lot of winter weight writing the book. Winter has broken and I’m back on my bicycle, the kilos falling away with each peddle.

To our calendar.

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