Another big week of courses at the Lecce school this week. We’re in a big canning phase, putting up both peperoncini under vinegar (30 jars) and zucchine with mint under extra virgin (notice that the vegetable, AKA ‘courgette’, is feminine in Italian).

While we cook, eat and drink this week, getting to know this part of the world, well, by cooking, eating and drinking it, we thought we’d send you a recent video filmed for Italian television. Don’t let the first 14 seconds fool you, you don’t need any language skills to enjoy it.



If you’re looking to travel this autumn, we still have space in our wine programme, as well as the best holiday of the year in Italy, San Martino at the castle here in Southern Puglia.

I’d love to open some wine for you, to show you why this part of the world captures hearts.

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