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il giovedì delle conserve

The new premium all around the world is to make more of your own food. Having your larder filled with beautiful jars that reflect a precise moment of the summer makes our hearts sing more than money in the bank.

Where: Meet in Lecce’s main piazza, under the column. (Do Not Come to the School. We shop first).

When: Starting at 10:00. Thursdays in the warmer months. Write us for details and book with an email.

Taught in: English

Where you sleep: In the centre of Lecce. Our recommendations in Student Services (you’re given access upon booking).

How much? 145 Euro.

Best way to arrive, depart, maximise your time with us: Everything is spelled out in our Student Services. You’ll be given access about booking.

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Few think of liquors as preserving fruit. Inside of Italy the concept is usually referred to as ‘rosolio’. The only one that is particular famous outside of Italy, is limoncello, which is just one of many.

Like the words ‘pickles’ or ‘pickled’,  in English, ‘sott’aceti’, means ‘under vinegar’, which uses an acid to preserve. These are some of the oldest dishes on earth, all across cultures. They are among mankind’s oldest inventions.

Our Thursday Canning Course

Canning, tinning, preserving, putting up- whatever we call it—is some of humankind’s most impressive inventions. Kimchi, prosciutto crudo, sauerkraut, cheese, salami, table olives, la giardinera and limoncello, these foods are not so much preserved as improved by the process that prolongs their lives, long beyond nature’s inevitable mortality.

You’ll start with a fascinating introduction to the culture, cuisine, history and viticulture of the Salento, followed by a city walk through one of Italy’s prettiest cities. You’ll learn about Italy’s counter-reformation, how Europe almost lost wine and why the Salento was the OPEC of much of the continent.

We’ll visit Lecce’s oldest fruit and vegetable market where you’ll learn how to order everything in Italian, improving your Italian travel skills for the rest of your life.

We’ll talk about the seasonality of ingredients, and which preserving methods best suits each.

We’ll head back to the Lecce school and make fresh pasta from scratch. You’ll learn how to properly dress it, how to cook (with your very own hands) seven, local and seasonal dishes.

You’ll preserve three ingredients, often in three different methods. Using alcohol (preserving cherries or making a liquore), using acid (pickling green beans, menoceddhe or a medley from the garden) and olive oil (such as grilled mushrooms under oil).

You’ll learn about three different local wines and follow a guided tasting of each.

We’ll move over to the chalkboard and talk for a few minutes on the science of the active agents of preservation, and how so much cultures all over the world arrived at the simular methods, historically.

You’ll have a four course meal, matching each with the wines.

You’ll learn to distinguish and taste critically three wines as we segue way into dinner of an antipasto, primo, second, contorno and dolce, all produced by you, all in family style. All wines taught are and selected by our owner, a nationally-certified sommelier here in Italy.

After dinner we’ll discuss the history, production and culture of Italian amaro (the bitter after dinner drinks of Italy). You’ll sample four of them from our impressive amaro bar at the school.

Full, dazed and completely satisfied we will walk you back to the main piazza, around 4pm.

Book now with an email.