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il Mezzogiorno: A survey of Southern Italy

lente di ingrandemento: South Italy Survey

It happens all the time, just lately it has been more pronounced, and particularly in the last five weeks of classes.

By that I mean, those that are using one of our cooking courses as the springboard to the Italian south, even visiting distant relatives. And those without a common language.
Cooking_Class_Puglia, Southern Italy
‘I know this is off topic but what can you tell me about Basilicata? Is it nice? What is the food like? What gifts should I take when I visit my mother’s cousin that I’ve never met?’


‘We like the south but we don’t really need to return to the Amalfi coast. What else is there is to see? And how we do we order coffee, you know, in Italian?’


‘We’d love to drive down to see that place in Calabria but that’s a long way to go just for one town’.

And aside from teaching as much language as I can, calling ahead to arrange meetings with distant family members that don’t speak English, to scratching out lists and even writing a 20 page booklet about the culture, geography, history, food, wine and olive oil (download it for free), it’s hard to get over the fact that there has never really been a primer, a one-stop companion that prepares guests for arrival.


Food, Wine, Culture & Geography of Italian South

Il Mezzogiorno: A Southern Italian Survey.

This is a general introduction to the food, wine, culture and geography of the Italian South: Sicily, Calabria, Basilicata, Puglia, Campania and Lazio. Designed as a thumb-nail sketched overview of Southern Italy, this is the perfect jumping off point, the preparation for the rest of your trip.

Want to know how to make the pasta of Sicily before you go there? Which wines to look for on the restaurant lists in Napoli? Have distant relatives and want to better understand the culture before you visit? Have 7 days in a region and want to know the best way to spend them? Then this is for you.

Each day of the week is a different Southern Italian region.

You’ll make two, four course meals, all from scratch, each with three wines selection by an Italian Sommelier (our school’s owner). You’ll pick up some travel Italian, refine what language skills you already have and in general, become a much better informed Italian traveler.

Once booked, we’ll also help you plan your post Course trip here in Southern Italy, from hotel and restaurant suggestions, to local wine makers to visit, what’s not to be missed and what’s better skipped. And during the breaks while here, you can borrow from our private library, unique in Southern Italy.
il Mezzogiorno: A survey of Southern Italy
If you’ve ever been curious about il Mezzogiorno (‘Southern Italy‘, as we call it here in Italy) but just need a little foundation first, then this is the course for you.

The Logistics at a Glance

Where: In the Lecce school, in the historical centre of the city.

When: (date will be chosen by the first proposal). Later dates will be added based on demand.

Taught in: English.

Where you Sleep: We have our recommendations

How Much? 1995 Euro.

Best way to arrive, depart, maximize your time with us: Everything is spelled out in our Student Services. You’ll be given access upon booking.

Who thrives: Those that are new to Italian South and want to to use the course as a springboard to become for better-informed Italian travelers.

Who doesn’t: Those interested only in the Salento. This is new course isn’t a tour. It’s the class you take before you jump into the best part of Italy.

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