A new film about our last cookery course dedicated to extra virgin olive oil.

Way in the back of the warehouse was,’The wall of horrors’, a strange collection of bottles and cans, floor to ceiling. Other than the fact that there was only one version of each brand, you could have easily mistaken the motley crew for the olive oil aisle at your favourite supermarket. She had clearly been collecting them for years, as inspiration, I think, the way you’d keep a picture of the ‘fat you’ on the refrigerator, to remind yourself of how bad it can get.

I was visiting an Italian food importer in NYC, to talk about the state of what is imported as ‘Italian olive oil’, into the New World. And to potentially start up a professional partnership.

‘We’re coming in May’, she said, her armed tucked into mine as we walked. ‘But we’d really love to attend your Olive You course next year too’, she said.

‘You’re always welcome’, I said

‘I already have the boots. And I’m dying to meet Emiluccia‘.

A short film about the creation of our Olive You course (Picking, ‘pressing’, critically tasting and judging extra virgin olive oil in a castle in Southern Italy).

Come pick olives in Italy, make our Extra Virgin!

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