Sure, we teach our regional recipes but that’s only the beginning: there are always forgotten about ingredients- the history, the culture, the climate, migration patterns and viticulture- that’s where the story really starts to get compelling.

If you’re interested in the ‘why’ and not just the ‘how’. Well, that’s what we do.


In 2007 we added our castle courses, which are more festive and often focused, such as the Making of the Annual Tomato Sauce, San Martino and our ‘School’s Birthday’  (we turn  13  in September 2015!), allowing you to cook on a larger scale – you haven’t really cooked until you’ve stirred a cauldron large enough to require a boat oar!

But it’s not just that we are obsessed with the food of the Salento, but with Southern Italian wine as well (Your teacher for your time with us is a nationally-certified sommelier here in Italy). Our wine programme, Terronia: the New Wine School of Southern Italy, using the autochthonous Southern Italian varietals as models to go deeper into wine– how to taste it, how it’s made, how to match it- than you ever thought possible in one week. And it’s  a lot of fun.

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