With us, you won’t just see the place we love, you’ll cannonball into it – into our traditions, into the kitchen and into Southern Italian life, taking your own place around the generous table.
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Over the years we’ve been given more kangaroo aprons, Maine lobster bibs, tea pot cozies and sports team caps and T-shirts than we know what to do with. While the gesture has always been appreciated, we simply don’t wear caps, aprons or T-shirts. IMG_1649

We don’t suggest that you bring something from your home country, except for a refrigerator magnet from your city (we have 12 years of them, from 42 different nations lining all the appliances of the internal kitchen, each magnet a story).

However, if you are one to WANT to bring something, we’d be happy to trade you something for whatever you bring. Bring a bottle of wine and we’ll send you away with a bottle of your favourite from your time with us. Bring some tea and we’ll send you with some locally roasted espresso beans. And on.

If you’re coming from outside of Lecce (and nearly everyone is) we’d love to get our hands on a couple of your homegrown products.

We’re also working on filling the wall of the castle kitchen with solid-coloured, enamel colanders, just like we have in our Lecce kitchen. Bring us one and we’ll send you up with a classic Italian espresso maker (the stove top model, famous for generations).


From la Gran Bretagna:  Tea in metal tins. Scrumpy. Whisky, small batch or single malts.

la Germania: jars of spicy mustard. Der Kren. Any wine.

il Giapone: Tea. Sake. Wasabi. Dried soba.

la Francia: Wine. Tea in tins.  Wine. Hard cider. Cognac. Calvados. Wine.

l’Australia: wine (Margaret River, in the absence of a local choice).

la Nuova Zelanda: Wine. (pinot noir, riesling or s. blanc).

il Canada: wine (from the Okanagon or Niagra). Dried cranberries, unsweetened if possible. Classic yellow Listerine (which is very expensive in Europe).

l’America: Green tea in metal tins. Dried cranberries, unsweetened if possible. Classic yellow Listerine (which is very expensive in Europe).

le Americhe Latine: Pizco. Coffee beans. CDs of Latin Music

Also, if you really want to bring something, and only if you do, we’d love a copy of your favourite cookbook, signed by you.


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