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We’ve been doing this a while now, and here is what they have to say.

Silvestro in the News

‘Puglia’s pioneering food and wine program’ – The New York Times

‘The Professor of Apulia’ – Food and Travel magazine

‘The Pugliese food expert’– Bon Appétit Magazine

‘Italy’s Top Cooking Schools’– Food & Wine Magazine

‘A national treasure’ [here in Italy] – Il Corriere della Sera

‘Leading expert in Pugliese cuisine’ – The Los Angeles Times

‘What to expect from The Awaiting Table where I was a student? An enormous table lavishly set for twice-daily feasts, cooking in the beautifully appointed kitchen, joined by friends, many of them new, from all over the world. And to come home three pounds lighter. I’ve already scheduled to go back next September’ — The Richmond Times – Dispatch

‘The school’s multifarious owner, a photographer, writer, sommelier, raconteur and king of the kitchen’ – Lonely Planet

‘One of the best in Italy’– CNN

‘Silvestro Silvestori is (a) a sommelier, cook, teacher, photographer, and director of the internationally acclaimed The Awaiting Table Cooking School and (b) one of the best food writers around.  [His writing is]… an extraordinarily rare glimpse into a rich culinary mind in full flow.’ — John Thorne, author


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