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Pesce del Mercato e il Rosato Salentino

The Fish Market and Tasting of the Nationally-Famous Pinks

Fish Market Cooking Lesson Puglia

We’ll start in Lecce’s main piazza with a macro-cum-micro introduction to the Salento and the two seas that formed it- the Adriatic and the Ionian. We’ll discuss the moon’s pull on them and how that affects our local shellfish. And how those shellfish created our highly-celebrated pinks. We’ll walk through the beautiful historic centre of Lecce, through a sculpture garden to Salvatore’s fish market, where you’ll learn something about every fish on the slab (and how to cook each of them).

We’ll head back to the Lecce school to make fresh pasta from scratch (from three ingredients, none of which are eggs). You’ll learn how to clean squid, mussels, sea bream (all dependent on what is remarkable that day). We’ll cook lunch, wash up and then sit down to a chalkboard talk about the pinks of Italy, in particular, the rosati of the Salento. We’ll taste three, then move into a four course lunch, prepared by you and your international classmates. Expect lunch to go long. And we’ll walk you back to Lecce’s main piazza.

And as with all of our courses, you’ll be given access to all of our recipes in Bis, the password protected part of our site.


The Logistics at a Glance

Location: Our Lecce School

Length: From 10 am to 3 pm.

Taught in: English.

Where to meet: Under the column of Sant Oronzo, in piazza Sant Oronzo. Lecce

Cost: 145 Euro per person (2018)

Who thrives: anyone that wants to actively learn more about food and wine, and especially as it’s done here. Anyone who has always been afraid of fish. Anything that has always thought it was difficult to cook fish.

Who doesn’t: Anyone that doesn’t eat fish or hasn’t yet begun to drink pink wine again.