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So just what is this student services you keep referring to?

It’s simple: we’re teachers and hosts at our cooking school in Lecce (la casa di Silvestro), at il Castello  (The Castle) and at our wine programme, (Terronia).

To help us stay focused on teaching our students- those that are already registered to come cook and study wine with us- we’ve created password protected content, just for these students. It will help you book your accommodation and make the most of your time all around Puglia. We’ll give you advice on packing, which wines to drink while waiting to come visit us, and lots and lots of beautiful photographs to put on your desktop. (The food and wine of the Salento is nothing if not inspirational).

It’s free, but you have to be registered for a course.

After taking our class, we have yet another section to which we’ll give you access, complete with videos, sourcing information, and all the recipes along with places to post pictures for the other students from your time with us, and on and on and on.

If there is any doubt, we’ll just say this: we just don’t want to have you visit us. We want to have you back, as well.

If you’d already paid, but can’t access the student services, shoot us an email and we’ll get you in as soon as possible.

Otherwise, we’d love to have you! Check out our calendar.

And let us know if you’d like us to set a place at the table for you!

To access- just log in here: