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La Conservazione delle Conserve della Puglia

Keeping Alive the Home Canning Traditions of Puglia


We’ll start at 18:00 (06:00 PM) in Lecce’s main square, with a talk on historic importance of the preservation of food, as among Mankind’s greatest inventions.

You’ll learn that it’s somehow through the preservation process itself, that the ancients gave the modern world MOST of your favourite foods and drinks. We’ll walk through the historic centre of Lecce, back to the school, where we’ll roll up our sleeves, slip into aprons and preserve three different ingredients, all using kitchen-table technology. (a cordial, something under extra virgin, something under wine vinegar, tomato sauce (the first week in September), etc. all based on the season that you visit.

We’ll have a lesson and cook dinner (but NOT make pasta from scratch), then sit down to local craft beer with three pickled vegetables, cheeses, salami (vinegar and wine don’t make good playmates), then move over to wine and artisanal pasta and the largest stuffed poplettone you’re likely to have ever made. (Effectively, a classic southern Italian feast). Then a crostata, made with seasonal jam or marmalade. And three homemade cordials, preserved in the courses before your visit. Stumble back to Lecce’s main piazza.

The Logistics at a Glance

Location: Our Lecce School

Length: From 06:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

Taught in: English.

Where to meet: Under the column of Sant Oronzo, in piazza Sant Oronzo. Lecce

Cost: 145 Euro per person (2018)

Class size: Max. 8 Students

Who thrives: Those that want to learn more about canning, food history and enjoy a long and intimate meal in a private home.

Who doesn’t: Those that want to be passive when it comes to Italian food. Anyone looking for a restaurant meal instead of open home.