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Throughout the course of the year- for whatever reason- we’ll have a space or two in one of our week-long classes, and we allow ‘guest students’ to come for the day. As a guest student, you’ll do all the same things we do, visit the markets, meet the vendors, make fresh pasta from scratch (usually twice, once for lunch, once for dinner), learn a lot, make lunch and dinner, taste multiple wines and have a long lunch and long dinner at the school.

You’ll get to hear from the students, cook along side and be part of it all.

While the structure is the same, the menù changes with the seasons and with the courses but it’s always healthy, local and very traditional, the diet of the Salento, the one that UNESCO protects as part of the World’s heritage.

If you’re interested in this and you’ll be here and the dates work out, we’d love to have you with us.

Any special comments or requests. (Have you been with us before and if so, how many times. Special event. Or diagnosed food allergies, or anything else that we might need to know).