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Our New Course: Yoga / Cucina / Vino Cooking Classes at Castle

Balance: Yoga and The Mediterranean Diet, Two Methods Towards the Same Objective.

Practice yoga in the baron’s castle in Puglia. Study wine. Learn to make our local pasta from scratch. Cooking lessons every evening. Long lunches and longer dinners.

Kamal TK - Yoga Teacher in Puglia, Italy

Our cookery school in Puglia has partnered with Puglia’s most beloved and respected yoga teacher for a yoga, food and wine course, aimed not at restriction but of balance.

Each morning we’ll gather in the baron’s castle’s courtyard, in the main hall or on nearby Adriatic coast to practice yoga together. We’ll polish technique, learn new ones and each go deeper into our individual practices.

Yoga, Food & Wine Course at Puglia, Italy

We’ll break to discuss wine, have a tasting and then a staff prepared lunch in the baron’s main hall, or even outside if the weather permits (it almost always does). After restorative naps, walks in the nearby olive groves or optional extra yoga classes, we’ll have chalkboard talk about some element of La Dieta Mediterraneana, geared towards putting it all into perspective.

We’ll head into the kitchen to make pasta from scratch, having a hands-on lesson, aimed at teaching you more about the food of this part of Italy. We’ll sit down to dinner, have another wine talking, tasting and then feast on the meal that you prepared, as a group. Expect these meals to run long, the international mix of students profoundly stimulating.

The Logistics at a Glance

Yoga and the Mediterranean Diet Course Puglia, ItalyWhere: At the baron’s castle, an hour south of Lecce.

When: November 5th-10th, 2019.

Taught in: English.

Where you Sleep: At the castle. Singles 95 Euro, Doubles 110. Five nights.

Course cost: 2495 Euro.

Best way to arrive, depart, maximize your time with us: Everything is spelled out in our Student Services. You’ll be given access upon booking.

Who thrives: Anyone interested in yoga, food and wine.

Who doesn’t: Snobs. Yoga, food, wine or otherwise.


Practice yoga in the baron’s castle in Puglia. Study wine. Learn to make local pasta from scratch.