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Corsi Brevi (Short, Specialised-Courses)

These are short, focused classes, designed to be mixed and matched to fit your specific interests. And while several of the courses might share specific components- pasta making or guided market tours, as examples- each course was created as an independent, free-standing offering. Most students take multiple classes, either two in the same day or on consecutive days, based on the school’s calendar.

Pesce del Mercato e il Rosato Salentino

The Fish Market and Tasting of the Nationally-Famous Pinks Learn More

La Dieta Mediterranea e il Salice Salentino

The Mediterranean Diet and Salice Salentino Learn More

La Conservazione delle Conserve della Puglia

Keeping Alive the Home Canning Traditions of Puglia Learn More


* Please read these descriptions carefully. Ex. As silly as it sounds, if you don’t like to touch, cook and eat fish, our fish course might not be for you. If you don’t enjoy red wine, our tasting of Salice Salentino won’t be enjoyable. Of course no one is asked to eat anything he or she doesn’t want, for our specialised courses, alternatives will not be offered. If you’re part of a couple with different levels of interest in the same course Write us for more information