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Short Cooking Courses in Puglia

If you don’t have a lot of time but still want to learn more about the food, wine, culture and history of this part of the world, we offer shorter cooking courses at our Cookery School in Puglia, Italy throughout the year.

We have two general types and it’s in your best interest to read this carefully, as to choose the right cooking course or courses for you.

The two types are:

1) corsi ospiti (guest courses) and

2) corsi specializati (short, specialised cookery courses).

Corsi ospiti are day-long visits during week-long course, one that is already going on. You’ll shop, make pasta, cook, learn, eat and drink with us for the day. Our week-long cooking courses are fluid and priority goes to the week-long students, so it’s not always easy to predict what we’ll make your day, etc.

Corsi specializati are for half a day, either lunch or dinner  -The short cooking courses are designed to mix and match, and few take just one. Want to dedicate half a day to learning more about selecting, buying and cooking fish? Or more about the Mediterranean Diet and Salice Salentino? Or the principles of canning and preserving and why are favorite foods use good bacteria to stop bad ones from growing.

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