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Italian Cooking Course - It's artichoke time in ItalyWe call them ‘cookery courses’ but you coming here just to learn how to cook our world-famous local food is only the beginning.

All our Italian cookery course, cookery courses in Italy, Italian cookery break courses focus on context: Why did the ancients develop a taste for the deep green healthy plants that much of the world calls ‘weeds’?  What is so impressive about the local wine that few here have ever tried Chianti or Barolo? Why is pork absent? Where is the beef? How can we have 70,000,000 olive trees in the Salento and produce so little extra virgin? What do we mean when we say ‘5 minutes in the market and one in the kitchen’?

International Students attended our Cookery Courses

Yes, the food and wine of the Salento are captivating, especially given how healthy they are (The Mediterranean Diet). You’ll learn how this special part of the world transforms wine grapes, whole grains, almonds, wild herbs, fresh milk, greens, fish, a little meat, into a distinct culture, unlike any other on earth. Italy will never be the same for you again.  Nor will the concept of ‘cuisine’. Nor the Italian wine aisle back in your city. Nor visits to your farmer’s market, when the variety of vegetables that you buy explodes.All our courses focus on great Italian cookery classes around the country.

Come for a day if you’ll be in Puglia for other reasons but come for a week if you really want to understand how one of the best parts of the world goes about nurturing itself. What you’ll take away is much bigger, more human, more intriguing and far, far more compelling than any recipe.

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