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il corso di vino meridionale sabato sera

Fall in love with the most iconic wines from the Italian south. Then match them to 4 course dinner in a private home. 13 wines ( 3 whites, 3 pinks, 7 reds).

Our Week-long Course in Lecce

This is how it all began, in the historical epicentre of one of Europe’s great beauties.

Where: Meet under the column of Sant Oronzo in Lecce’s main square. Do not come to the school. We visit an enoteca first.

When: On Saturdays, throughout the year. From 17:00 to 24:00

Where you sleep: in Lecce. Recommendations in Student Services.

How much? 245 Euro

Taught in: English

Best way to arrive, depart, maximise your time with us: Everything is spelled out in our Student Services. You’ll be given access!

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Saturday Night Southern Italian Wine Course And Dinner

We start in Lecce’s main piazza at 17:00 with walking tour of the historic centre of Lecce, to visit the city’s largest enoteca. You’ll learn how to better shop for Italian wine, to read an Italian label, the value of vintages and how the choice of bottle shape transmits more information than we might think. You’ll never mistake DOCG with IGT (P) again.

We’ll head back to the school and have a chalkboard talk on the act of tasting, and how to do it more critically. We’ll pour three reds- blind- and discuss what is actually in the glass, in the absence of any labels or ceremony.

We’ll talk about Southern Italian wine production, both historically and today. How the wine has been fashioned out of the atypically geography, of the history of invasion, of the quest for sugar and sunlight concentrated in the bottle.

We’ll pour 13 southern Italian wines- usually three whites, three pinks and seven reds, and learn about each of them. From two volcanos- one active, one dormant- to the ‘heel’, to the ‘toe’ and back again. You’ll gain insight into some of the most beguiling wines on earth, which are- paradisaically, both ancient and modern.

We’ll have a 4-course, staff prepared dinner, dishes chosen to bring out the best in each wine. We’ll study how the wine evolves in the glass, how they pair best with which dishes.

We’ll linger, exchange contacts, pass out certificates of completion and then walk you back to the main piazza. Class is taught by our owner, an Italy-trained sommelier, teacher, professional wine writer and television presenter.

Held on select Saturdays throughout the year, this course is a perfect add-on for those that are about to attend one of our castle courses (the wine course is usually held on the Saturday before the course).

What you’ll learn:

  • Why Southern Italy is the most compelling wine region in the world today.
  • How to shop for Italian wine. How to read a label. What to trust.
  • How to blind taste. It’s learnable, you just need a method.
  • About the wines of Sicily, Calabria, Basilicata and la Puglia.
  • How to match food to wine. Compliment or opposition.
  • How Southern Italian wine became modern. How have producers taken a 6,000 year old cultural good and made it compete with behemoth multinationals.

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How you define the south? In our case, it’s Sicilia, Calabria, Basilicata e la Puglia, the same 4 regions of our owner’s annual bicycle trips.

Do I need any specific wine training? No. Everyone is welcome.

Who teaches the class? Silvestro is an Italian-trained sommelier here in Italy (the president of the republic signed his diploma), a wine-magazine journalist and has been teaching the wine of Southern Italy, all year for 17 years. He also bicycles Southern Italian wine country for a 10 weeks every year, visiting wineries and blogging about it.

Is there a certificate of completion? Yes. You’ll leave with a certificate of completion for the Saturday night course and the week-long course. We also offer a diploma for those that successful complete the exam on our week-long course.

Book now on our site or with an email.