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Yoga and Cooking Classes, Italy
15 Feb

Our New Course: Yoga / Cucina / Vino

Yoga and the Mediterranean Diet Course ‘So how much of each’, asked Kamal over lunch at the school in Lecce. ‘I think yoga in the day time and cooking and learning about wine at night’. We scratched it out onto the school’s chalkboard, the course taking...

14 Jan

Etna Rosso Vineyards Italy

They usually change the subject when you ask. Akin to asking fishermen about those lost at sea or smokers about their own health, viners on Etna don't like to talk about it. With the recent eruptions, it's easy to understand why. I'm up Etna several times...

Souther Italian Wines
14 Dec

Wines of Marsala

You might think that I’m about to make the argument in favour of Marsala, but I’m not. Instead I’m going to sing the praises of the wines of Marsala. And if you think that you don’t understand the difference between the two- well then, great,...

9 Jul

Italian Cooking School Classes Calendar 2019

By now it’s something of a ritual, the glass jar containing the slurry of water and green tea leaves brewing in the sun of the school’s garden. It takes another day to actually chill that much volume, my tiny Italian refrigerator’s motor revving through the...

Kitchen Knives_Italy Cooking School
18 Apr

Kitchen Knives

I have a friend that received a full scholarship to Oxford for correctly crediting as at that time, yet-to-be-authenticated Carvaggio. How did she do it when even all her professors were wrong? ‘It was simpler than his earlier works. Maturity seeks simplicity’, she said. That’s exactly my stance...