For the last 11 years we’ve had our fair share of favourable press but lately, something has changed.

A few weeks ago we were in the New York Times for the third time in two years. The region was in The Guardian. The city of Lecce is in the running for the capitol of European culture, 2019. We spent yesterday with a British film crew (airs this autumn in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa, channel 5 in the UK, syndicated the rest of the world). We’re going to be in both Australian and Swedish cookbooks on our local regional food. My magazine (Wine & Spirits) wants more articles (text, photographs and recipes) and I have features in the current addition (June, aglianico del Vulture) and (August, il rosato del Salento). They recently put me on the masthead.

Not to sound like a contrarian but I think it would be a mistake to call Puglia ‘the new Tuscany’ or ‘the Florence of the South’, as so many are want to do. But rather it seems to me that Italian tourism is diversifying, moving from one region stocked piled with humanity to twenty, each offering what makes it special. That’s always been the spirit of our school and the region, so while it’s nice to be recognised you’ll still find us at the market early tomorrow morning, me standing in front of chalkboard tomorrow afternoon, students making fun of my diagrams, the salento sloshing in our wine glasses.

So when your curiosity solidifies into desire, let us know. We’d love to quietly show you what all the fuss is about.

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