Keeping In Touch

[pc-pvt-content allow=”149″ message=”Please log in to view content.”][/pc-pvt-content]Keeping in touch happens long before you depart, at least with us.

Every so often we receive an email from those booked but that have yet to come, that they wonder if we’ve forgotten about them, that it’s been x numbers of weeks without an email from us. (We haven’t forgotten about you, and in almost nine years, we never have!).

Or sometimes we get phone calls at 4 o’clock in the morning. ‘Um, hello. Hello? Do you speak English? Hey, this is Susan, I’m coming to the course in 8 months, I just wanted to know…….should I bring, you know…. like, an umbrella?’

Trying to fall back asleep each time, it took us awhile to realise that ‘Susan’ wasn’t actually calling and asking us to forecast the weather 8 months in advance. (Other phone calls have involved alarm clocks, ‘flat shoes’, aprons, a calendar featuring the hometown bridges, or the most common, pens and writing pads).

As we attempt to go back to sleep, what we realised, was, that each of these people just wanted to be more in touch.

Well, so do we.

Towards this end, we’ve created three separate elements, all of them with you in mind.

1) You can take advantage of our Social Media sites to get a sense of what we do, to see the pretty pictures we publish and just stay connected. Not only is it handy, it’s fun.

We suggest that you take two seconds and ‘befriend’, ‘tag’, ‘follow’ , ‘pin us’, and every other strange new verb re-appropriated by Social Media.

It takes so little time and it gives peace of mind. Plus, we create a lot of nice images, articles, etc., that you’ll certainly want to see.

2) While here, you can tweet everyday, post pictures to Facebook or your Pinterest accounts, and use the rest of your time in the Salento, to actually be in the Salento. We have wireless internet at the school- so please take advantage of it!  (If your argument is that you avoid Social Media because you don’t want to waste a lot of time online, we’d make the same counterargument: with Social Media, you post once and everyone sees it, rather than trying to email or text pictures, individually). The smile on your face in the picture titled, ‘Here is a picture of me making pasta in Italy’, tells more of your story than hours dedicated to email, once back in your room.

3) And lastly, and perhaps more importantly- and as strange as it sounds- as a species, most anthropologists agree: we ’re happiest when our friends and colleges convulse with envy and ache and writh with black-blood jealousy!

Social Media is the way to go. Imagine the names they’ll call you when they see, ‘here is a picture of me making pasta in Italy’. Bad, bad names. Profane things. Be certain to cover the ears of small children.

Here are out Social Media accounts.

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But most of all, above everything, be certain to be signed up to receive our blog posts and monthly newsletters. It never fails to amaze how many come to the school and never sign up to receive our content. I can’t think of a better way to maximize your time with us!

(And if you want to send it to your friends, there are plenty of share buttons  on our food and wine posts as well). 😉

Sign up on the sidebar and check your email to confirm your subscription.

Please note, booking with us has no bearing on your placement on the list. If you don’t actually sign up for it yourself, you won’t receive it.

With Social Media, it’s easy to stay in touch! Just Be Social!