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For our Lecce courses at la casa di Silvestro, in the historic centre of Lecce.

We’ve chosen the following accommodation options for a myriad of factors- best location, warmest staff, consistency, modernity, both in comfort and amenities but also in website and credit card booking options, etc. So, while you are welcome to stay at any other place in Lecce you happen to find online, consider that we chose these places for your stay for very good reason.

Consider this ‘insider info’. We also would like to point out that any ‘deals’ we have with these establishments are for you, not for us (you’ll get a special rate for choosing one of these places, but we will not).

We have long standing relationships with each of the following hoteliers, who will see that you enjoy your stay in the Salento just as much as you enjoy cooking, eating, drinking and learning with us.

Trip Adviser is an excellent resource and is more and more used in Southern Italy. Read the negative reviews as well, as many European hotels are voted less than favourable by those from The New World, just for the wrong reasons: smaller rooms, no elevator, older plumbing fixtures, in short, all the things that make Europe… Europe.

Accommodations are organised in three tiers, by price.

All of these structures offer special rates for our students, based on at least 6 nights. As a school, each morning we have breakfast together so unless you’d like breakfast twice, the special prices for our students don’t include breakfast.


Tier one

Roberto runs a simple but respectable bed and breakfast near Porta Rudiae (where you’ll find the market where you’ll do our daily food shopping). His place is comfortable and familial, reflecting his experiences of years spent abroad in English-speaking countries. Roberto and his English girlfriend Stephanie often join us for dinners at the school as well.

Simple, clean, informal and an excellent value, Roberto’s place won’t make you forget your favourite European hotel but it will make you comfortable, especially if you’re young at heart.

Site is in English, with pictures of the rooms.

La Bella Lecce



 Tier two

Marta’s place is literally across the street from the school, both a strength and a ‘weakness’ (a strength in ease, a ‘weakness’ as you’ll see so little of the world famous architecture while walking home at night). Stylish with a touch of an aristocratic past, the rooms are where we’d stay, if we didn’t live in Lecce (and being as it, money is always an object). Marta doesn’t speak English but she does read it, enough to book your stay and order extra towels during your visit.

Site is in English, with lots of nice photography.

Palazzo Gorgoni




Tier three

Antonella, the owner of “La Luna in cortile b&b” is a communication consultant and a social innovator. She is also a wife and a mother of two children. And last year she added her third ‘child’, the bed and breakfast, a new adventure in Southern hospitality.

“La Luna in cortile” is located between the ancient gates of Lecce, is a residence along the ancient walls of the capital of the Salento. In the historic center, 200 meters from the cathedral, and 5 minutes from our school, her b&b is indicative of the shapes, colours, sounds and flavors of Mediterranean’s sense of place. Vaulted ceilings, local stone, details that speak of a past rediscovered in a contemporary way: “La Luna in cortile” is a place to take in the Salento, in the most authentic way.

La luna in cortile




Tier four

Marta runs the front desk at Manta Te Lu Rè, a stylish, hyper-modern hotel/bed and breakfast that just opened, just a 4 minute walk from the school. With a private, high-end wine bar in its cellar, multi channel music and Jacuzzis in many rooms, the hotel wouldn’t be out of place in Helsinki or Tokyo (even if only a fraction of the price).  The name is leccese for, Home of the king. If you can’t remember that, call it Monteray, which is much easier for English speakers.

Site is in English.

Mante Te Lu Re



Tier five

Marta runs il Risorgemento, a modern and designer-driven hotel, based on luxury rooms and an in-house spa (with several spa privileges included in the price of the rooms). Space-age red-orbed glass chandeliers echo the importance of our local wine culture, as do the olive-wood floored rooms, indication your presence in the Salento, one of the world’s olive oil capitals. ‘Ever star-struck’, I asked her one day. ‘Discretion is important’, she says, ‘but I have to say that Jude Law and Monica Bellucci are both actually much more beautiful in person’.

A 15 second walk puts you in the centre of the Lecce’s main piazza, an oasis of modernity in a beautifully ancient city.

Site in English



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