How to Book Your Stay al Castello

If  you are attending a course al castello, we stay at il castello (which, in essence, is why we’re going there, to stay and cook in a castle in Southern Italy).

Cut and paste the following information into an email to Alessandro Bacile, indicating the date of the course you are taking and if you are booking a single or double room.

Once Alessandro receives your request for a room, he will send you a link so you can pay for your accommodations via PayPal directly to il castello.

(The rate is – 6 nights at either 95 Euro for a single, or 110 Euro for a double.)





Caro Alessandro,

Greetings from (insert name here) !

Would you kindly book us a room for 6 nights at il castello for the course beginning  (insert date) . There will be (number of guests) of us and will need a (single or  double) room. Please send your paypal link to the following email address (insert your email address here).

We look forward to our visit.

(Also indicate any special room requests here, if needed).


(Your Name)


And that’s all! Just be sure to send him payment through PayPal only after he emails you back, confirming your stay.

The Awaiting Table handles all transportation to and from il castello, (Alessandro Bacile does not handle any transportation issues). If you need to leave early on Saturday morning for a departing flight please let us know during the week and we can arrange the transportation for you.