How to Bring a Friend

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So You Want To Bring Someone With You.

You have registered but you might want to bring someone else along, or inspire someone to come with you. Don’t worry. It’s common. Here is the best way to do it.

1) Send them a link to our site. Cut and paste your favourite pages, the ones you want them to see in the email.
2) Forward them the newsletters each month. Suggest that they sign up.
3) Physically look at the site with them. ‘Mom, there is something I want you to see’. No one has ever chosen to come without first seeing the site.
4) Email us and ask if there is space. Notice how this is 4th on the list. If you cannot get them to take an active interest, it does not matter how many spaces are left.
5)If you can’t get them to come along, just come yourself. We are sure you will have a wonderful experience.