Arrival Info For Castle Course

[pc-pvt-content allow=”149″ message=”Please log in to view content”][/pc-pvt-content]How to Arrive For A Week at Il Castello.


For starters, print this page and bring it with you.

This is easier than it sounds. Actually, if you follow our advice, it’s very, very easy. We’ve been doing this for ten years and we’ve figured out a few things. Of course you’re welcome also to not follow our advice, taking full responsibility for making up the difference yourself, in time and money. It’s up to you. But if we were you, here is what we’d do.


Arrive in Lecce, having booked a place online in advance.


The two key elements for a course at il castello are:

1. Arrive in Lecce on Sunday, whenever you like. Stay the night anywhere you like (See arrival to Lecce information for details on how to arrive!)

2. The next morning- Monday- be at Porta Napoli (on Viale dell’Università) at noon, with your luggage, ready to leave the city.  (Have your hotel or B& B call a cab for you if you have a lot of luggage, or else just walk). We’ll meet under the arch.  Once at Porta Napoli, you can’t miss it.

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We’ll deposit our luggage into the luggage van (your luggage will be waiting for you in your room at Il Castello when you arrive) and then we’ll walk together over the the school for a brief Open House (with food and wine) at la casa di Silvestro (Silvestro’s home in Lecce). We’ll be taking transportation down to il castello at 2 pm.

If you miss this, you’ll need to take a cab to il Castello yourself. (At your own expense, around 90 euro.) Tell the driver, Palazzo Bacile di Castiglione, Via Paolo Emilio Stasi 2, Spongano. (Caretaker’s cell, 347 6524477)

If you arrive in Lecce by car and WANT to keep it for the week (you don’t need one, but you could use it during the breaks, if desired), drive yourself to il Castello in Spongano.


Here is a break down of your Castle week arrival and departure.


(Print separately and cut this out, keep with passport)
To talk with us, email is best.

Should you miss your train, decide to run away with an Arab prince or get hired as an underwear model after your arrival in Italy,you can also give us a call. Please, these numbers are only for when you are in Italy and it’s imperative that you speak with us. Otherwise, email is really the best way to reach us. When in country, the school’s phone is (39) 083 224 4073.  School’s cell is (39) 334  767 6970.

School’s email is


Planning Departure
On Wenesday, we will discuss your departure with you, pulling out the maps, calling ahead for you and helping in any way we can. You can use our computer, ADSL, phone and resource books. Il Castello has free wireless connections on most of the grounds, even if ‘cold’ spots happen due to the thick, stone walls. At the castle, you’ll be as connected as you care to be.

If you need us to call and confirm ANYTHING for you, we’d be delighted to help. Most folks have their future travel plans already mapped out but if we can help in anyway, Wednesday is the best day for it.

Actual Departure
Your class technically ends on Saturday night, after dinner, but on Sunday morning we’ll have arranged your departure. Most aim to take the noon train, Lecce-Roma Termini. In fact, we’ll arrange to take you to train station with plenty of time to secure your ticket (you can also buy it in advance, online, when arriving in Italy or even while in Lecce, as the station is only a 5 five minute walk from virtually anywhere in the historic centre.

If you are one to worry, consider buying all train tickets online in advance. Tickets are for specific trains and not transferable, nor refundable. On your ticket, look for a car number (‘carozza 7’) and a two-digit seat number (17d). All non-Eurostar train tickets need to be validated in the yellow boxes. When in doubt, validate all tickets before boarding.

For those that want to stay Sunday night at the B&B back in Lecce again, you must arrange this ahead of time. Alternatively, check into your choice of a hotel around town. Availability is just that, availability and most of it depends on the month.

Our transportation will leave Il Castello at 9:30 am, Sunday morning, dropping everyone at the Lecce train station. Should you miss this, you can take a cab or the train to Lecce at your own expense. If you need a ride to the airport, speak with our staff about arranging the shuttle during your stay with us. Or take a cab at your own expense (around 70 Euro). Should you need to pick up a rental car on Saturday morning, we’ll arrange a cab for you to the Hertz office, in Lecce. Contrary to what the site would like you to believe, Europcar is not in Lecce, but Cavallino, a completely different city. Based on past experiences, we do not recommend them as a company.

For further information, refer to our website. We have also answered our most common questions on our FAQ page, which covers 95% of the questions we are still asked all the time. Wise travellers save themselves time by thoroughly reading the info provided, rather than trying to seek information through email, question by question. If after reading through the site and the Inner Sanctum you still have questions, shoot us an email. We have been doing this a while now and we are eager to make this the trip of a lifetime.