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Where to stay during the Week-long Cookery Course at Silvestro’s home in Lecce 

While attending the course at Silvestro’s home in Lecce, we recommend that you stay in one of the many bed & breakfasts in the city.  While there are over 600 B&Bs to choose from, we have recommended three below. These locations offer a special rate for our students based on at least 6 nights.   Accommodations are organised in three tiers by price starting at around 40 euro per night.

Please note that all accommodations are external businesses and have no affiliation with The Awaiting Table.  In the spirit of Southern Italian hospitality, the Awaiting Table receives no commission or payment from the businesses we recommend – they are selected by us simply because we believe they are the best, the most consistent and use best practices, such as offering the ability to pay in advance, using a credit card or Paypal. 

Should you want to stay somewhere else we suggest that you stay within the city walls (il centro storico) and use Trip Adviser as a light to shine the way.

Tier one

Roberto runs a simple but respectable bed and breakfast near Porta Rudiae (where you’ll find the market where you’ll do our daily food shopping). His place is comfortable and familial, reflecting his experiences of years spent abroad in English-speaking countries. Roberto and his English girlfriend Stephanie often join us for dinners at the school as well.

Simple, clean, informal and an excellent value, Roberto’s place won’t make you forget your favourite European hotel but it will make you comfortable, like staying with old friends. Visit his site at La Bella Lecce


 Tier two

Marta’s place is literally across the street from the school, both a strength and a ‘weakness’ (a strength in ease, a ‘weakness’ as you’ll see so little of the world famous architecture while walking home at night). Stylish with a touch of an aristocratic past, the rooms are where we’d stay, if we didn’t live in Lecce. Marta’s English is really coming along, giving you a chance to practice your Italian as well. Visit her site at Palazzo Gorgoni


Tier three

Antonella, the owner of “La Luna in cortile b&b” is a communication consultant and a social innovator. She is also a wife and a mother of two children. And last year she added her third ‘child’, the bed and breakfast, a new adventure in Southern hospitality.

“La Luna in cortile” is located between the ancient gates of Lecce, is a residence along the ancient walls of the capital of the Salento. In the historic center, 200 meters from the cathedral, and 5 minutes from our school, her b&b is indicative of the shapes, colours, sounds and flavors of Mediterranean’s sense of place. Vaulted ceilings, local stone, details that speak of a past rediscovered in a contemporary way: “La Luna in cortile” is a place to take in the Salento, in the most authentic way.

Visit her site at La luna in cortile


Tier four

Marta runs the front desk at a stylish, hyper-modern hotel/bed and breakfast that just opened, just a 4 minute walk from the school. With a private, high-end wine bar in its cellar, multi channel music and Jacuzzis in many rooms, the hotel wouldn’t be out of place in Helsinki or Tokyo (even if only a fraction of the price).  The name is Leccese for, Home of the king. If you can’t remember that, call it Monteray, which is much easier for English speakers. Visit their site at Mantatelure


*Per European law, accommodation cannot be included with our courses.

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