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2 Mar

Cooking in Italy: where Puglia ends

Cooking in Italy: where Puglia ends When we say here that we love Puglia, it isn't bragging, if only because no one here considers where we live as Puglia. Puglia is a place you visit if you live here in the Salento. Both are great, but...

16 Dec

how to taste wine

Can you learn everything there is to know about blind tasting in 4 minutes? No, not even 4 years but I do hope to reveal what is behind the curtain a bit, to show that blind tasting is a learnable skill, versus the more common...

7 Dec

Cooking in Puglia – new short film from Italy

There has been a sea change in how we consume information. And our new site will be reflecting that, starting with this tiny taste of what we do. [embed][/embed] And of course it will be in constant evolution as we film more courses. In the meantime, enjoy it,...