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Cooking School in Italy: Preserving the Preservation of Puglia
3 Apr

Preserving (in) Puglia

I’ve never darned or mended anything in my life, with the exception of the odd button. I don’t see the value in changing my own motor oil. Anything beyond a spent light bulb at our Cooking School in Italy awaits Mauro our electrician. Even climbing...

20 Nov

Coming Back

A check mark by the name means they have already been to the school once before, where as an underline means that they have been more than once, and there was a lot of blue ink on the page. We were boarding the private coach...

26 Sep

Food & Travel Magazine

Lately, it seems that food and wine journalism has taken a strange turn. Or It might be that it’s always been strange,  and it’s just that I’m new to it. Or that my perception is peculiar, as I’m in this odd position of being on...

6 Apr

Can architecture affect cuisine? La pagghiara and la cicoria

Can architecture affect cuisine ?  It did here. And cuisine affected architecture in turn. And I’ll prove it in just under 4 minutes. Our 4th film in the series. [embed][/embed] Our new site goes active later this month. And our first book comes out as well. We’d love to...

28 Dec

the year ahead

What's new here in Puglia? For one, we're starting our own YouTube-based show called Silvestro's Olive Tree (We originally wanted to call it 'Silvestro's Iceberg', the concept that the visible part of the iceberg is the smallest).  The social media response dictated that we switch it...

13 Dec

new courses in 2017

We're happiest when we're trying to figure out something new. And towards that, each year we add a new course. Only that next year we're actually adding four. Our Advanced Course for Returning Students. Pick grapes. Make wine. Bake bread in a wood-fired oven. Make vinegar....