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20 Nov

Coming Back

A check mark by the name means they have already been to the school once before, where as an underline means that they have been more than once, and there was a lot of blue ink on the page. We were boarding the private coach...

6 Apr

Can architecture affect cuisine? La pagghiara and la cicoria

Can architecture affect cuisine ?  It did here. And cuisine affected architecture in turn. And I’ll prove it in just under 4 minutes. Our 4th film in the series. [embed][/embed] Our new site goes active later this month. And our first book comes out as well. We’d love to...

28 Jul

new short film: what is rosé?

There is a lot of great wine made here in the Salento but the one wine that the makes the region famous is of a decidedly rosier hue. See our new short-subject film about rosé wine! [embed][/embed] To send us an email - even if just to say...

3 May

The Birth of Our Extra Virgin

After years of refilling plastic water bottles with our own extra virgin for the students that wanted to take some home, we decided to begin to bottle our own oil. So how difficult of a process is that? Here is a short film about it: [embed][/embed]   To learn...