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13 Dec

advanced course for returning students

There are the courses that we teach and those that we wish we could teach all the time, and this is certainly the latter. We're even more excited about the advanced course than the returning students. How to make wine. You'll hand-pick and then press the grapes,...

13 Dec

new courses in 2017

We're happiest when we're trying to figure out something new. And towards that, each year we add a new course. Only that next year we're actually adding four. Our Advanced Course for Returning Students. Pick grapes. Make wine. Bake bread in a wood-fired oven. Make vinegar....

28 Jul

new short film: what is rosé?

There is a lot of great wine made here in the Salento but the one wine that the makes the region famous is of a decidedly rosier hue. See our new short-subject film about rosé wine! [embed][/embed] To send us an email - even if just to say...

6 Jun

Puglia: The New Tuscany?

It's not a comparison that we would make but many or maybe even most English-language journalists that write about Puglia sooner or later insinuate that one region has replaced the other. Are they correct? We answer the question in under three minutes in a new...

26 Apr

My FIAT 500

If you've been to the school - in Lecce or at the castle, then you already know, even, most likely, had your picture taken with her. Two minutes about love in Italy [embed][/embed] We're about to add 4 new courses in 2017 but here is our currently published...

30 Mar

Food photography course

  If you have been following us for any length of time you may know that we add a new course each year and this year we're partnering with Quentin Bacon, the Australian food photographer, who has shot, well, cookbooks for just about everyone that is...