Enlightened provincialism


We’re passionately, profoundly, even pathologically pugliese.

We just love it here. But it’s the kind of love that can only be nurtured by living years abroad in the pursuit of work, of university degrees, of specialised training, of learning new languages. One by one, each of us has moved back, driven by both the deep, deep love of life here and the feverish desire to share it with the outside world.

We call them ‘cookery’ and ‘wine courses’ but you coming here to learn about our world-famous food and wine is only the beginning.

All our courses focus on context: Why did the ancients develop a taste for the deep green healthy plants that much of the world calls ‘weeds’? What is so impressive about the local wine that few here have ever even tried Chianti or Barolo? Why are beef and pork absent? How come the Salento has 70,000,000 olive trees? What do we mean when we say ‘5 minutes in the garden or market and one in the kitchen’?

Yes, the food and wine of the Salento are captivating, especially given how healthy they are (The Mediterranean Diet, as consumed in the Salento is protected by UNESCO). You’ll learn how this special part of the world transforms green-green vegetables, wine grapes, whole grains, almonds, wild herbs, fish, a little meat, into a distinct cuisine, unlike any other on earth.

Time here in the Salento will change how you see Italy, and what you think of when you think of ‘cuisine’. Your wine aisle and farmer’s markets back home will be forever altered as well.

Come for a day if you’ll be in Puglia for other reasons, and thus have limited time. But come for a week if you really want to understand how one of the best parts of the world goes about nurturing itself. What you’ll take away is much bigger, more human, more intriguing and far, far more compelling than any recipe.


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