Silvestro Salento

New Courses!Every year we add a new course: here are the two new courses that you may not about yet. Our new Bici (Bicycle) / Vino / Cucina course at the castle. Imagine going for a bicycle ride among the olive groves in Southern Italy, only to round a corner to see that the staff has […]Read more
Angelo our fishmonger al castelloAngelo's shop is still decorated the way you might decorate a sleeper car on a train or your bed in a military barracks: a crucifix, an old picture of a long-gone relative, a cheap trinket with a private story.Read more
Mario our butcher al castello‘I have it in the blood’, he says, his face registering both senses. ‘My father started teaching me when I was 15. He learned from his father, my paternal grandfather. There was a time when I thought about going into police work….. - Read more
peaches in primitivoCome summer here in Puglia, each of us of develops a strategy for keeping cool. For me it most often involves a 150 year old stoneware vessel kept the bottom of the refrigerator all through the summer months. In it you’ll find peaches in primitivo, the two mingling until the peaches are as black as […]Read more
recent press  For the last 11 years we’ve had our fair share of favourable press but lately, something has changed. A few weeks ago we were in the New York Times for the third time in two years. The region was in The Guardian. The city of Lecce is in the running for the capitol of […]Read more
How to travel Puglia
Australia loves the Salento and Puglia!  Recently there has a been a lot of literary interest in the food of the Salento, and in Puglia in general: I’ll be publishing two books on the subject in the next two months. And last week a few Australian friends came by to take pictures for their own book as well. Here is […]Read more
video: cooking in candle light in a castle in Italy.We’ve been making a lot of videos lately. Here is one made for Italian television. It’s the week of San Valentino, when we cook each dinner by candle light.       If you want to get a hold of us, just respond to this email. We’d love to hear from you!   Silvestro Silvestori […]Read more
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