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The Birth of Our Extra VirginAfter years of refilling plastic water bottles with our own extra virgin for the students that wanted to take some home, we decided to begin to bottle our own oil. So how difficult of a process is that? Here is a short film about it:   To learn more about our olive course (where you’ll […]Read more
My FIAT 500If you’ve been to the school – in Lecce or at the castle, then you already know, even, most likely, had your picture taken with her. Two minutes about love in Italy We’re about to add 4 new courses in 2017 but here is our currently published calendar. Don’t see the dates you’d like, send […]Read more
in praise of smaller fish‘Eat widely and… small-ly’, would be our school’s sustainability argument when it comes to fish, living and working as we do between two sub-seas that make up the Mediterranean. Most of of us only really eat one or two kinds of fish for years at a time, and even then they are often too ‘big’ […]Read more
Food photography course  If you have been following us for any length of time you may know that we add a new course each year and this year we’re partnering with Quentin Bacon, the Australian food photographer, who has shot, well, cookbooks for just about everyone that is anyone (Michelle Obama, Mario Batali, Ina Gartner, Donna Hay, […]Read more
paparine e pane
3 new films about food and wineWe’ve really cannonballed into filmmaking, and here are our first 3. There is so much to learn, even if we are still pretty proud of our first efforts. About il pancotto, one of those dishes eaten widely inside of Italy, almost never outside: About foraging for wild poppies with a professore di agrarian studies: A […]Read more
short subject filmsWe need your help! But more about that in a second. We’ve jumped back into short subject filmmaking once again, after minoring in it at university (my scurrying fingers just stopped on the keyboard, mid-keystroke upon figuring the math on how long ago that was, exactly).  What’s new this time is that everything is digital, […]Read more
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bicycle / food / wineTwice, I bicycled the length of Italy (once 34 days, the second, 31). And 9 times I bicycled from Marsala to Lecce (from 6 to 10 weeks). There is no better way to learn about the food and wine of a place quite like bicycling the terrain between the vineyards, restaurants and olive groves. The […]Read more
our school next yearWhat does 2016 have in store for our little food and wine school in Puglia? It’s never easy to predict but we are getting better at it. And with our students coming from 46 different countries (as above,  Ursula from Switzerland and Hans from Germany), the trends are bound to be global. Last year we […]Read more
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