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Cooking in Italy: where Puglia endsCooking in Italy: where Puglia ends When we say here that we love Puglia, it isn’t bragging, if only because no one here considers where we live as Puglia. Puglia is a place you visit if you live here in the Salento. Both are great, but very, very different.  How, exactly? Here is a short […]Read more
pictures of lecce
Pretty pictures from LeccePretty pictures from Lecce (and they are not even ours). A nice little escape to Italy,  courtesy of a great photographer in Canada. To see our daily pictures on Facebook Or just respond to this email if you have any questions!  Read more
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New short film from ItalyThe first of 24 short-subject films on the relationship between art, faith, architecture, art, climate, politics, language and the food and wine of Italy’s Salentine peninsula. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for years. It turns out that I had to study filmmaking in order to able to, which is not an easy […]Read more
How to travel Puglia
Free Guide to How to Travel PugliaTravel Tips and Tricks and What to Expect of the Food and Wine while in Puglia – Free guide to how to travel Puglia I mostly just listen. And mostly the comments aren’t even aimed at me, but for the other students around the table. ‘We just spent four days in x but I don’t […]Read more
olive harvest in Puglia
Come pick olives in Italy, make our Extra Virgin!A new film about our last cookery course dedicated to extra virgin olive oil. Way in the back of the warehouse was,’The wall of horrors’, a strange collection of bottles and cans, floor to ceiling. Other than the fact that there was only one version of each brand, you could have easily mistaken the motley […]Read more
the year aheadWhat’s new here in Puglia? For one, we’re starting our own YouTube-based show called Silvestro’s Olive Tree (We originally wanted to call it ‘Silvestro’s Iceberg’, the concept that the visible part of the iceberg is the smallest).  The social media response dictated that we switch it to an olive tree, with the underground roots representing […]Read more
wine tasting
how to taste wineCan you learn everything there is to know about blind tasting in 4 minutes? No, not even 4 years but I do hope to reveal what is behind the curtain a bit, to show that blind tasting is a learnable skill, versus the more common refrain, that some of us are just more sensitive than […]Read more
advanced course for returning studentsThere are the courses that we teach and those that we wish we could teach all the time, and this is certainly the latter. We’re even more excited about the advanced course than the returning students. How to make wine. You’ll hand-pick and then press the grapes,  tipping them not into space age, stainless steel pods, […]Read more
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