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Recipes are like road maps…


…….and like all models for understanding, each is imperfect, each has its limits. My goal with my recipes is to jar your memory, and too, to create a special kind of honesty with them. Do I give you the weight of parsley in micrograms? No, because no one here cooks like that. And because it doesn’t matter. Do I give you measurements by volume? (such as in ‘cups’). No, because no one here does that either (and when it really matters, I’ll give you measurements in weight, which is much more accurate, and, IS how people do it here. (You can’t look like someone else, if you don’t cook like someone else).

Further, because of the British gas marks, the American fixation with Fahrenheit and the rest of the world’s use of the metric systems, heat in my world is measured as ‘hot’, being as hot as your oven wants to go. I’ll give you clues to know when things are done, but if you’re new to Southern Italian cooking, it’s easy, straight forward, and easier to get right than wrong.

And then there is language: to date we’ve had 34 different nations at the school. Move a ‘burner’ from the States to England it becomes a ‘hob’, both of which I’ll always refer to as ‘flames’. Olive oil in my world comes out in ‘slugs’ or ‘glugs’, and if you have time to measure your olive oil, then it’s doubtful that your therapist would have sign up on your air travel anyway.

If you do have any issues, copy the page link and shoot me an email at ssilvestori@awaitingtabl.com. I’ll set it straight as fast as I can.

I really appreciate your coming to visit us. Without you, we couldn’t go on with the work we love.

Dottor Silvestro Silvestori

Lecce, Italy.

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