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For the better part of the last ten years I’ve taught the food and wine of the Puglia at my own cooking school in the historical centre of Lecce, perhaps the pretties city in the entire south of Italy. Home.

Drawing students over the years from 31 different nations, we had noticed a problematic trend: folks would book our school based on the desire to avoid large scale tourism but then would sadly come up short with what to do with their ‘other week’ in Italy. Class after class, they would leave Lecce for cities that require  5 train connections, the same cities where countless tourists would descend from the cruise ships to buy refrigerator magnets, thousands at a time. (Not to slander that sort of travel in any way, it’s just that their choice to go to these places was in-congruent with choosing our school in the first place).

But it wasn’t their fault. They simply didn’t know better, they simply didn’t know Puglia.

This section of our site aims to change that. If you’re just generally curious about our region, by all means, enjoy the content. Puglia, and the Salento in particular offer, a lot. If you’re already booked to come to our school- or have already cooked or studied wine with us in the past- let us know and we’ll give you access to the Inner Sanctum, the password protected portion of this site (it’s free, and available only to those that have already booked a food or wine course at our school).

So, without further ado, let me tell you about the part of Italy that I love more than any other…..


What do Insiders Know About Getting the Most Out of Southern Italy?

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